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      I am working with a new Digitrax DCS240 Command Station/Booster and am trying to use it with JMRI to program some locomotive decoders which have been around for awhile but never programmed beyond the default/as-shipped.

      When I try to read the decoder type through JMRI I get no acknowledge from locomotive or command station busy. If I set JMRI to use DCS240 Advanced Command Station to do this, I get the busy error. If I set it to DCS240 Dedicated Programmer, I get no acknowledge from decoder. I am using a dedicated program track (the layout is not yet complete). One interesting thing is that when I have it set to DCS240 Dedicated Programmer, the locomotive starts making sound which I understand should not happen. When JMRI is connected using DCS240 Advanced Command Station this does not occur, but I can control a locomotive on the track segment connected to the normal operations track (Rail A and Rail B) connections. I have verified that I can connect to a normal operations track and control the locomotive through JMRI using address 3 (default) and the JMRI virtual throttle. I can also change the Op Switches on the DCS240 from JMRI.

      JMRI is running on a Raspberry Pi connected to the DCS240 using USB.

      We have ordered a DT500D throttle to try to use for programming but I am interested in any ideas why it won’t just program through JMRI and the DCS240. The locomotives we have tried are from Broadway Limited, Bachmann, and Walthers Proto.

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      James Kelly

      I have no direct experience with the DCS240 and I can’t seem to see anything you’re doing wrong from your write up. JMRI will allow you to pick decoders from a list. How about going to the folder (in the list) for the manufacturer and say discover the select decoder.

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