The Sunset Limited

The LSR convention has come and gone but it won’t be forgotten. Turn-out was strong and I got to meet many new members of the division and even a few from Division 3. The energy and excitement was everywhere and very contagious too.

The clinics were well attended and it appeared that everyone came away with at least one new idea or a question answered. I like to thank all the members that committed to and followed through on delivering so many clinics. Our hobby improves so much when members share their experience with others.

If you missed the banquet then you missed so mighty fine BBQ! There were so many awards to be presented but Ray, our contest judge, and San Jac President Kelly kept things moving and made it interesting. The quality of the modeling, both rail and non-rail was simply amazing.

Welcome to The Sunset Limited, the 2020 Lone Star Region NMRA convention. Your hosts, members of the 100% NMRA San Jacinto Model Railroad Club and the Texas Gulf Division (Division 8) of the Lone Star Region, look forward to welcoming you to our new-format event.

We’ve packed all your favorite convention activities into a shorter, more affordable format. In addition, we’ve scheduled the convention to coincide with the Greater Houston Train Show, the San Jacinto Model Railroad Club’s annual celebration of  model railroading. And we’ll be meeting early in the year to beat the heat and hurricanes!

The convention schedule and information about all activities is posted on the website and we encourage you to save the dates now!