From the President — Zoom Launch

The San Jacinto Model Train Club (SanJac) hosted this year’s Regional Convention and has donated all the proceeds ($1695) to Division 8. This was an unexpected and generous donation which I warmly received on your behalf (letter below.) They thought the funds could be used to support and help our division clinics to grow,

With that in mind the officers held a meeting and budgeted the initial amount of $500 to purchase the fundamental camera equipment needed to support Zoom meetings. The equipment is meant to enhance the presentation of live clinics and to capture real time Zoom content for our distant participants.

In a recent survey the membership at large indicated a desire for web based clinics and now the division has funds to help support that function. Like a rocket we are now perched upon the launching pad and the countdown has begun. The thrust of its engine must produce enough power to break it free from earth’s gravity if it’s to succeed and accomplish its mission. That guys and gals is where we are now, we’re about to launch a new and powerful feature for all of us to share. It’s going to take a lot of thrust, commitment, to get this idea off of the launch pad and 5 officers can’t propel it across 26 counties; we need your help.

It’s time to design our rocket and for that we need ideas; but we don’t have to reinvent the wheel all we need to do is ask for help. Who among our members has some audio/video experience? Who can help by volunteering time or materials? Is there someone willing to step forward and be part of the team by helping to setup and teardown equipment for the clinics?

Our rocket can travel great distances once it breaks free from Earth’s gravity, a force that at one time mankind thought to be too powerful to escape. Just think of the barriers we can break, we can shrink the distance between us, we can expand our knowledge and best of all we can share our love for trains with friends that were once so distant and unknown.

I want to hear from you, I need to hear from you but not by replying to this Email. If you reply to this Email then I feel your energy pushing against gravity but no one else does. No one else can see your effort, no one else gets encouraged and says, “If he/she can do that then I can too” we need each other. We need to know that others are with us. You joined the NMRA for a reason, why? I’ve setup a forum under clinics on our website or you may wish to post a reply on Facebook where we can share our efforts collectively. Please post your replies there.

How can you help?


LSR — Texas Gulf Division (8)

2607 Thomas Ave

Pasadena Texas, TX 77506

May 2, 2020


Please express my gratitude to the officers and members of the San Jacinto Model Train Club on behalf of the entire Texas Gulf Division for such a generous donation ($1695.) Not only was the club an excellent host for this Year’s Lone Star Region convention but it has been a strong supporter of the NMRA for years by maintaining the 100% Club status and its strong participation in the Division’s monthly clinics.

You mentioned that the funds could help promote and fund the Division clinics and I can guarantee they will be used wisely for just that purpose. Since the division covers 26 counties I’ll make a recommendation to the board that some of the funds be used to maintain and promote the expansion of our clinics via Zoom. We will also consider using the funds to offset expenses for our annual Make & Take clinics and travel to other counties within the division.


Jim Kelly


Texas Gulf Division