These are the dates for the 2020 Clinics. This year we have a mixture of the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month. Please be sure to check the calendar regularly.

The subjects are suggestions made by the Clinics Committee but other ideas are warmly received. The clinics are meant to serve the needs of the membership so all requests for topics are welcomed.

Please considered being a presenter for a clinic, we don’t expect perfection or a professional public speaker just someone with a desire to share with the group.

All clinics are meant to be informal gatherings of friends coming together to share their common interest in modeling trains. Questions and comments are welcomed, even encouraged, and add to the value of each clinic.

[ Visit the Forums/Clinics to see pictures and comments of past and future clinics.]

January 9thLayout SceneryPhil
February 13thTBDTBD
March 13thTBDTBD
April 10thTBDTBD
June 12thTBDTBD
July 10thTBDTBD
August 14thTBDTBD
September 14thTBDTBD
October 9thTBDTBD
November 13thTBDTBD
December 11th TBD TBD