From the President June 2020

The month of May saw our second Zoom clinic (“Using a Cricut Cutter and a 3D Printer in Model railroading’, presented by Jay C Williams) which was well attended, I think the peak was 27 members. This Month our clinic will be held on June 13th at 9:30 AM and is titled, “Wiring a Tortoise Motor” presented by Ray Byer. He tells me there will be some LEDs involved to brighten things up.

I got the database from National and reviewed it. We had no new members but our numbers haven’t dropped either; we’re hovering right at 180 members. We had a few of our mailing list bounce back so ask your friends if they’re still receiving this Email. If not encourage them to correct their Email address by going to .  

I wonder if any of you have painted a car, planted a tree, laid some track or had a successful club meet? I know I share the same feeling of pride and satisfaction as you do when I accomplish something on my layout. I’ve seen that pride during our show and tell session of our clinics. I’ve seen that WOW in your eye come through the camera, and that’s a powerful motivator for me. But we can’t spend our lives in front of the camera and we can’t let distance separate us from sharing such moments.

There is a way to fill the void between camera shots and that’s what our Facebook page can provide for us. We can capture those moments of pleasure and share them at convenient times with our fellow members. I was granted permission to post an article from the Houston N’ Crowd train club. ( ) It’s short; just 2 paragraphs long, but read it and tell me it doesn’t ignite that little flame to do more on your layout or at your club.

Just a picture of your grandchild and a sentence about the scene is a valuable contribution and worthy of being shared. Take a video; shaky, poorly lite and full of background noise and post it. It’s real, it’s life being lived and enjoyed and our hobby at its best.

I know you’re probably saying, “Yea but it’s only me” believe me I know that feeling. But there’s strength in numbers and there is 180 of us. Just think if each of us just posted one picture with one sentence per month. The odds are good that someone is going to post a question or show a situation that spurs you to post a helpful comment. It doesn’t even need to be an original thought you can repost anything of interest.

Many of us are old enough to remember pushing a car to jump start it. The toughest feat was getting it to start to roll, but once it started to roll it was much easier to get it rolling fast enough to dump the clutch. The more people we had pushing the easier the task became. Yes I am asking for your help. But I’m not asking you to come out in a rain storm to push my car, I’m asking you to sit in a comfortable chair and to post a short thought about something you love. Be the first! Don’t wait for someone else, that’s what holds us back. We need you to participate if we are going to grow as a community.

Jim K.