From the President 3/20

This month I want to share a few statistical facts with the membership. I know they can sometimes be boring and seem to have little bearing on what you are doing but I think these numbers can help us grow. I think they can answer a very important question, “who are we and where are we located?” So let’s start with some raw numbers and see if they tell us anything.
Membership by county:
Austin                   3
Brazoria                13
Fort Bend            26
Galveston           10
Grimes                 2
Harris                    131
Jefferson             5
Liberty                  3
Matagorda          2
Montgomery     20
Orange                 1
Polk                       3
Trinity                   1
Walker                  4
As you can see the majority of Division 8’s membership is clustered in 3 counties that border each other. This means I could take the easy path and focus on just these 3 counties but that does not fulfill my duties as President nor my personal interest in the growth of our hobby.
I want all members of Division 8 to feel included, wanted and valued and will work toward that goal. I know each of you receive a monthly Email showing that Div-8 is holding a clinic and many of you might actually be interested in the subject being discussed but distance prohibits your attendance. The more important thing about these clinics than the subject is the friendship shared by like-minded individuals and the encouragement that provides.
I show the division by county to illuminate each of you that you may have a neighbor that is also a NMRA member and shares the same love of our hobby as you do. I realize and understand that smaller numbers makes it harder to present monthly clinics in your local areas but it doesn’t mean you can’t gather for monthly coffee and informally discuss what each of you is doing. If interest is shown I’m even looking at monthly/quarterly road clinics presented by NMRA members.
This is a “first contact” letter to discover your interest and will be followed by a survey for more clarification of how to accomplish the goal of sharing our hobby among counties with smaller memberships.

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